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Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens with large trees, kept lawns, a fish shaped pool, a stairway to the San Isidro River(108 steps down and up, too).   See special views of mountains, volcano, wide valleys, open sky and inhale clear refreshing air.  Flowers and garden vegetables  are used daily.   




The Monarch Butterflies Sanctuaries, a designated World Heritage Natural Site by UNESCO,  can be seen nearby from November through March. 

The local markets, the historic pyramids, the 16th Century church and many other additional places of interest are close by to experience within a 1-2 hour excursion.

This is truly one of the “Treasures of Michoacan”.



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Land of tezontle and know to the people as "the refuse to die town". It was designated "a magic town on June 27, 2005 because of its current charming aspect".

For more than 3 centuries it was an importat mining place of gold and silver. World famous due to the manufacturing Christmas spheres.