For your rest

We have 6 with two beds, full size with fireplace

One room with queen size bed with fireplace

Nightly rates + 19% taxes







Two Suites with King size bed with fireplace

Nigthly rates + 19% taxes






Stone House

Rancho San Cayetano(Stand alone) includes King size bed, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, fireplace and outside terrace.

Nightly rate + 19% taxes





Adobe House

Rancho San CayetanoAn Adobe house (stand alone) with Queen size bed, bathroom & iron stove.

Rates for night + 19% taxes






Sun House

Rancho San Cayetano(Stands partly alone) includes 2 bedroom, one with Queen size bed, one with full size bed,  bathroom, living room with couch bed, iron stove and outside terrace..

Nightly rate + 19% taxes





Three Apartments with Lofts

Rancho San Cayetano(Stand attached to each other but away from the hotel) each includes 2 bedrooms one King size in loft, one Queen size bed and one full sized bed and couch bed at ground level, 2 bathrooms, living room with fireplace and outside terrace.

4 people capacity each

Nightly rates + 19% taxes



How to reach?

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To arrive at our hotel it is very easy and comfortable.

By freeway from Toluca we are only 2 hours from Mexico City and just one hour from Toluca.

Michoacan Treasures

Michoacan Treasures: This is a guarantee for you about our quality and warmth of our services.

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Land of tezontle and know to the people as "the refuse to die town". It was designated "a magic town on June 27, 2005 because of its current charming aspect".

For more than 3 centuries it was an importat mining place of gold and silver. World famous due to the manufacturing Christmas spheres.